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Video-Cassetten-Recorder JVC HR-J272

(VHF/UHF- Tuner mit 4-Frequnzbereichen, 99 Programmplätze, 2 Abtastköpfe, 2 SCART-Buchsen) und Fernbedienung LP 20878–003

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The Immortal Game - The Movie, Anderssen - Kieseritzky (ChessBase)

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The Immortal Game - the movie auf DVD -Video (PAL) / DVD-ROM (ChessMedia Format) Filmversion der "Unsterblichen Partie" Regie und Produktion: frame by frame Michael Mertineit

Kommentare: A triumph for chess lovers everywhere!

Tina Bidari, Las Vegas - USA

Karl Ernst Adolf Anderssen (1818 - 1879) was a famous classical chess master from Germany and is world famous for his brilliant play even today. In 1851 he received an invitation to be the standard-bearer for German chess at the world's first international chess tournament in London. At that tournament, Anderssen defeated József Szén , Staunton, Marmaduke Wyvill and Lionel Kieseritzky, winning the tournament to everyone's surprise. Anderssen is celebrated particularly for two of his casual chess games in which he was victorious through combinations involving heavy sacrifice of the pieces.

An immortal little movie!

Kevin Weiming Goh, Singapore

Lionel Adalbert Bagration Felix Kieseritzky (1806 - 1853) was a mathematics teacher like Anderssen. Kieseritzky lived in Paris as a chess professional, giving lessons or playing games for five francs an hour, and editing a chess magazine. In 1851 he surpassed Phillidor's record by playing and winning four blindfold games simultaneously. Kieseritzky's combinations were outstanding, and a variant of King's gambit was given his name. He was one of the finest players of the so-called romantic epoch in chess.

Blood chilling thriller!!!

Marko Honkanen, Helsinki - Finland

The Immortal Game was an informal match played between these two great players at the Simpson's-in-the-Strand Divan in London. Despite losing, it was in fact Kieseritzky who recorded and published the game during his period as editor of La Regence.

It is beautiful, in a poetry way.

Terrence L. Foster, East Hartford - USA

The Immortal Game - The Movie takes us back to the times when wild, romantic inspirations dominated the boards. The game is an excellent demonstration of the earlier style, when rapid development and attack seemed to be the most successful way to win, when gambits and counter-gambits were offered and not accepting them was considered ungentlemanly-like.

Academy Award for Napoleon's madame!

 Alessandro Tronca, Rome - Italy

The Immortal Game - The Movie depicts this famous game from the annals of chess. The Immortal Game - The Movie presents the dramatic development from attack to defense, fromloss to profit, from triumph to agony. We experience chess from an unique, an unusual visual angle in the midst of the event. (Text ChessBase)

ISBN 3-937549- 73-0